The Addington County Revue

The Addington County Revue is a rock n' roll band from Canada. They live in separate cities and are known for their lo-fi vintage tones, blues and folk influenced songs and energetic live shows. Come visit us soon, wont you?

A Return to The Rancho

No sooner had we stepped off the Rancho stage following our show in August were we approached to play again. That very night there were dates and times proposed and soon enough a second show at The Rancho Relaxo was booked for November 24th 2012. This time we were asked to headline and on the bill with us were Air Marshall Landing, Arms of The Girl and somebody. We took the stage at midnight and didn't leave it until 90 minutes later. We played a few planned encores and when we ran out of those we played some of our set over again. It was a cold night but there was a lot of sweat left on the stage at the end of the evening.

the addington county revue