The Addington County Revue

The Addington County Revue is a rock n' roll band from Canada. They live in separate cities and are known for their lo-fi vintage tones, blues and folk influenced songs and energetic live shows. Come visit us soon, wont you?

Six Months Later... A Return to The Horsehsoe Tavern

For six long months we’ve been gone. Six long months you’ve wondered: Were they even real? Was it all some wonderful, fever dream? 

I can promise you we’re real. Come Wed. August 7th we’ll prove it once and for all.

aug poster 1_horseshoe.jpg

Maybe you’ve witnessed our show first hand in the past, perhaps you’ve only heard tell – whisperings in the dark about a band called The Addington County Revue and how uproarious, unrelenting a spectacle they put on. Either way you’ll want to be at the Horseshoe Tavern to find out if the legends are true.

I know it’s a Wednesday night but we’re going to party like it’s the last Saturday on earth. Join us wont you?

Doors open at 8pm, Cover $5-7 (as I write this the amount of cover has not been confirmed).

the addington county revue