The Addington County Revue

The Addington County Revue is a rock n' roll band from Canada. They live in separate cities and are known for their lo-fi vintage tones, blues and folk influenced songs and energetic live shows. Come visit us soon, wont you?

ACR coming to Canadian Music Week 2016

Now in important Acronym News - ACR will be coming to you live from CMW this year!

We’re Canadian, we play music, so why the hell wouldn’t The Addington County Revue be a part of this year’s Canadian Music Week?

We’re pretty excited to play Canadian Music Week 2016 and you should be too – it means you get to hear us at our most raw, watch us pull out even more stops than before, witness us add a whole new instrument to the mix. 

We’re playing with Bend Sinister, Dead Broke, Boat Culture and LA rockers Dr. Boogie on Wed. May 4th at Comfort Zone. It’s an eclectic mix of bands unified by the sheer amounts of power we’re bringing to the zone – though you wont have any time to get comfortable.

Doors Open at 8:30pm, ACR is on at 9pm. All Wrist Bands accepted.

the addington county revue