The Addington County Revue

The Addington County Revue is a rock n' roll band from Canada. They live in separate cities and are known for their lo-fi vintage tones, blues and folk influenced songs and energetic live shows. Come visit us soon, wont you?

Another Instrument Added to The Revue

We’ve had a long history changing things up in the County. Being part of a Revue means spending the time to make the show bigger and better. Some of you may remember a time when ACR didn’t even have a bassist. Since then we’ve added different instruments and line ups. As I’m sure you’ve noticed we’ve been playing with back up singers for a while and now one of them will be adding Keys to our little dynamic.


We’re pretty happy to have Andrea Smitko tickling the ‘ol ivory with us and we couldn’t think of a better time for her debut than Canadian Music Week. Come out to Comfort Zone, 480 Spadina Ave. Toronto, to welcome her and hear what ACR sounds like now!

the addington county revue